Peace, Love & Happiness

Following the 2016 election, Sherri and Larry Athay set out to spread some peace, love and happiness in their small Connecticut town by way of a rubber duck shop. Their number one seller? The Trump Duck.

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Audrey Scagnelli
Blueberries & Cherries

For Sanity’s first live audience episode, we traveled to Washington D.C. to help kick off a 50-person bipartisan dinner party celebrating “A (GOOD) AMERICAN,” an art exhibit at the Heurich House Museum curated by Philippa Hughes and sponsored by American University School of Public Affairs and The Pink Line Project.

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Audrey ScagnelliEpisode 4
Our Time Will Come

A Republican advocate for immigration reform, cannabis policy, and climate solutions, Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo is squarely one of the most moderate voices in Congress. In 2016, he likened Donald Trump to Hugo Chavez and proceeded to win his district by 12 points. From discussing the importance of bipartisan friendships to taking political risks to celebrating the legacy of his mentor, Senator John McCain, Curbelo joins Sanity in advance of Election Day.

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Tarah BEpisode 3
Bursting Media Bubbles

In 2016 Annafi Wahed quit her job in finance, moved to New Hampshire, and knocked on doors for Hillary Clinton. She'd never been involved in a campaign before in her life, and the experience opened her eyes to the many divides facing our country.

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Tarah BEpisode 2

Welcome to Sanity. We're on a quest to help you stay sane – positive, even! – in spite of today’s divisive political climate. Sanity is spotlighting a growing force of moderates, liberals, conservatives, and apoliticals launching initiatives to bring people back together instead of tear us apart.

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Tarah BEpisode 1