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We’re on a quest to help disenfranchised voters stay sane – positive, even!

– in spite of today’s divisive political climate.

If you find yourself exhausted by the 24/7 news cycle, if you feel hungry for optimism, and if you’re resisting the urge to stick your head in the sand, our hope is Sanity is the platform for you.

Here you’ll hear from moderates, liberals, conservatives – and some non-politicals, too – united by a common belief in the importance of listening to each other, and in the possibilities of pragmatism and collaboration. Inspiring democracy entrepreneurs, leaders, and local heroes from coast to coast are rising above traditional partisan boundaries and working to achieve the impossible. Our goal is to share their stories and have a bit of fun along the way – after all, our logo is an ostrich with his head in the sand!

Sanity is still out there. Find it on full display on this small corner of the internet.


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