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I've always treasured bipartisan friendships and was deeply saddened to learn a third of Americans ended a friendship or stopped talking to a family member as a result of 2016. This in part inspired the creation of Sanity.

The bulk of my career thus far has comprised of working in GOP politics, first on Capitol Hill as a press secretary for a member of House Leadership, and then on the 2016 trail supporting Carly Fiorina and Governor John Kasich. The summer of 2016 brought me to Cleveland, Ohio, where I worked as national spokesperson for the GOP Convention before purposefully stepping back from the chaos. In addition to growing Sanity Media, these days I am the Strategist behind Millions in the Middle, an effort convening diverse cross-partisan organizations speaking up against today’s politics of division, and am passionate about Alzheimer's and dementia awareness.

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Andrew Linn

music producer

Andrew Linn is a composer, performer, and producer in the New York City area. His compositions and arrangements have been performed across the United States, Europe, and India, most notably: The Montreux Jazz Festival and Jazz at Lincoln Center. 

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