Our Time Will Come

A Republican advocate for immigration reform, cannabis policy, and climate solutions, South Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo is squarely one of the most moderate voices in the House of Representatives. In 2016, he likened Donald Trump to Hugo Chavez and proceeded to win his district by 12 points (Hilary Clinton carried the same district by 16 points). In six days, Curbelo faces his toughest reelection yet. From discussing the importance of bipartisan friendships to taking political risks to celebrating the legacy of his mentor, Senator John McCain, Curbelo joins Sanity in advance of Election Day.

The truth matters. Common decency and respect matter. Each of us has the duty to uphold those values – even when it’s uncomfortable.
— Congressman Carlos Curbelo

Episode Notes:

  • We called Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s office. Turns out the bicycle pins are indeed made from recycled plastic (yes, we felt ridiculous making the phone call and extend an apology to the intern who handled the request like a champ). You can learn about Blumenauer’s decades-long love for cycling here.

  • As teenagers, Curbelo and Scagnelli were lucky to serve as Congressional Pages. Learn more about the program, which was abruptly dismantled in 2011, here.

  • In a Florida Swing District, an ‘Inconvenient’ Republican Holds On, New York Times, 10/24/18

  • What Is a Discharge Petition, Anyway?, Roll Call, 6/7/18

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