"I have to instill confidence in every voter, not just the people in my party." | Kim Wyman, WA Secretary of State

For four years, Washington's Secretary of State Kim Wyman was the only Republican to hold statewide office across the entire West Coast. You could say she knows a thing or two about working across the aisle. In this episode, Secretary Wyman shares insight on election security (and what it was like keeping Russian hackers out of WA in 2016), mail-in and paper ballots, her bipartisan reddit thread with Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon, and the uniqueness of overseeing institutional libraries in WA prisons and state hospitals.

The greatest threat to our election system, quite frankly, is partisanship. People that are counting ballots, people that are charged with overseeing the conduct of elections have to rise above partisanship when they are doing their jobs.
— Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman

Audrey Scagnelli