Putting (Customer) Service Back in News | Jenna Lee

In journalist Jenna Lee’s words, it’s all too easy to feel disgusted reading and watching the news these days. That’s why the former Fox News co-anchor is on a mission to produce a refreshing, customer service-centered alternative: SmatHER News. The non-partisan platform is working to be a source consumers can not only trust, but also enjoy.

After seven years at Fox and a decade in New York City, Jenna moved to Texas with her family and launched SmartHER News. Every morning, Jenna reports the news via Instagram live for thousands of engaged followers. But unlike her days at Fox, Jenna’s new “set” often features her two toddlers, breakfast cooking on the stove, and a coffee mug in hand. It’s an honest take on reporting and real life – and one look at her followers’ real-time comments tells you her authentic style is resonating.  

Jenna joined Sanity to talk about the importance of customer service in news (something she learned while working as a waitress), the humility of starting something new, the excitement of presenting at SXSW, and her vision for creating less toxic, more facts first news.  

Journalists don’t have a license to practice. They have their integrity.
— Jenna Lee

Episode Notes:

  • SmartHERnews.com

  • Instagram

  • American Women Inspire A SmartHER News Revolution @ SXSW

  • SmartHER News 3/27/19 Take on Jessie Smullet (“…few, if any of the city's 373 shootings, 60+ murders or 1,500+ aggravated assaults have received even a fraction of the attention of this case.”)

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