“None of Us is Omniscient” | Steven Pinker, Harvard University

In our latest episode, Steven Pinker, a Harvard University cognitive psychologist, linguist, and author, sheds light on the quest for human progress, the Enlightenment period, and the importance of maintaining – and burnishing – our democracy. 

Pinker is the author of “Enlightenment Now,” a book that dedicates its pages to the great many advances we’ve made as a society and the reasons world is actually getting better, not worse. Bill Gates calls it his “new favorite book of all time.” It’s not all roses, but Pinker’s belief system — one based on data and fact — is grounding when applied through the lens of examining today’s political polarization. His optimism for the future is both encouraging and informative. Expand your mind and have a listen.

Progress is a real phenomenon. It’s not a question of having an optimistic temperament or seeing the glass as half full, it’s just a question of being aware of facts.
— Professor Steven Pinker

Audrey Scagnelli