I Disagree With You, But I Still Respect YoU

Ericka Andersen is a conservative author, speaker, and podcast host (#WorthYourTime) who is living proof that we can disagree with each other but still respect those with opinions different from our own. Through lived experiences and bipartisan friendships, over the years Ericka transformed from being a very partisan person to someone who sees that few issues are black and white. She is the rare, refreshing thought leader who makes a concerted effort to read about different perspectives, and has even shifted her thinking on issues like criminal justice reform as a result. Ericka is passionate about tackling the stigma of addiction and her first book, “Leaving Cloud 9,” is about her husband’s journey overcoming a childhood of poverty, trauma, and mental illness.

People aren’t bad people for thinking your opinion is wrong. There are going to be people that disagree with you, and that’s ok.
— Ericka Andersen

Audrey Scagnelli